Teachers and Religious Educators - How to Use the Video Series

Our team of educators, religious leaders and media production experts carefully crafted Paradise: A Video Series For Parents so audiences may view and discuss the series over several sittings. Paradise contains seven segments with each one running 20 minutes in length. We suggest playing one video per month throughout the academic calendar year, skipping registration month in September and the close of the year in May.

Far too often, parents merely drop their children in one religious education class or sacramental preparation program. By integrating Paradise during this crucial time period in their children’s religious upbringing, parishes have a tool designed by parents and speaks directly to parents.

We recommend that parents register for the event. Depending on the size of your audience, consider breaking the parents into smaller groups and watch the series simultaneously in several rooms.

Regardless of the setup, refreshments are a must!

Create your own signs to denote where the video will be played in English or Spanish. Neither version is dubbed or contains subtitles; rather, each version is fully translated and presented by English or Spanish speakers.

The series should be viewed in order, though each video can also stand alone. Parents do not need to “catch up” on videos if they miss a session so long as they can watch at their leisure through the online streaming platform. The decision to give individual access may be made by each parish and Catholic school.

Discussion Questions

The discussion questions are designed to guide casual conversations for every episodes. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers for these questions. Rather, they encourage viewers to express their ideas while giving them opportunities to complete simple tasks and explore other resources related to the series.